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MAS Coin

Now using for online payment to support content creators within Marvelouse Market Place and other market places

which is a digital platform that aims to help content creators to achieve more by matching them with potential clients and connecting with their audience . it is a project to use talent for profit where content creators can sell their content (photos, videos, services … etc.) or sell the NFT through the platform. MAS is a native utility token that serves as the payment currency whith in the marvelouse agency of support platform and in the rest of the cryptocurrency platforms.

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A bundle represents a set of content creations that the MAS intends to develop, and for which needs funding.

Generic Donations

Clients will also be able to allocate funds to specific MAS as generic donations, supporting the content creator’s financial security.


MAS will feature a matchmaking mechanism, where both clients and MAS will be able to define preferences and what they are looking for.


Content creators will be able to embed their creations into non-fungible tokens (NFT) and auction them through the MAS platform.

Business Model

The main revenue source for the MAS platform will be a commission fee charged upon the contributions made by clients to MAS. The commission is extracted from MAS’ balances when they withdraw funds in order to exchange them for stable coins or fiat currency. The commission is calculated as a percentage of the withdrawal, based on the membership package that corresponds to each MAS, according to how many MAS tokens are in his account.


There are 5 membership packages: basic, silver, gold, diamond and MAS plus. Commission percentage fees will vary according to the package.

$MAS held Profile badge MAS fees Client fees
Basic 0 No 3% 0%
Silver 100 2.5% 0%
Gold 250 2% 0%
Diamond 1500 1.5% 0%
MAS Plus 10000 1% 0%

IEO Specifics

An amount of 1 billion MAS tokens, under the BSC standard, are to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

The project aims to raise funds up to 5.5 million USD.

  • Token Specs


MAS token


30,000,000 tokens




1000,000,000 tokens




0.01 USD

  • Presale schedule




Seed phase


MAS = 0.005 USD

Private sale


MAS = 0.0075 USD

Public sale


MAS = 0.01 USD


Detailed Vesting Percentages


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAS and what is its purpose?

The Marvellous Agency for Support (MAS), is a digital platform that aims to support a class of people, of all types (content creators), and help them achieve more by matching them with potential clients and communicating with their audience.

What role does blockchain technology play?

Blockchain, aka distributed ledger technology, plays a key role in  enhancing transparency. By creating an immutable and  auditable trail of donation or contribution made in the platform, blockchain provides trust and efficiency.

Is the MAS platform a form of patronage?

MAS is loosely based in the traditional institution of patronage, but it goes beyond. It will not be limited to supporting artistic or aesthetic expressions, but it will include any kind of content creators, including Youtubers, bloggers, doctors, educators, charities, etc.

What is a proof of donation?

A proof of donation in MAS will demonstrate, in a cryptographic way, that a contribution from a specific client has been made for a specific MAS, whether as a bundle subscription or as a generic donation. Every time a contribution is made, the transaction will be hashed and timestamped.

What use will have the MAS token?

The purpose of using MAS tokens inside the platform is twofold. First, their use allows monetary flows to be coordinated through Ethereum smart contracts. On the other hand, MAS tokens will allow for frictionless monetary flows, without the inconveniences still present in payments executed through the banking sector or other financial intermediaries

How can contributions be made?

Individuals who wish to make contributions to content creators are registered in the platform as “clients”. They can make contributions by buying “bundles” or by making generic

What are ”bundles”?

Bundles are “packages” defined by a content creator (“MAS”), where two basic things are specified: 1) the price of the bundle; 2) the content and benefits that the subscribing client will enjoy. The client then buys the specific benefits by paying the price.

What are generic donations?

Clients can choose to make donations to MAS content creators without buying a specific content, but rather giving them a generic financial support. Generic donations are expected to take place when there is good acquaintance between a client and a MAS.

What is the technology standard of MAS token?

MAS tokens (symbol: MAS) will be based on Ethereum ERC-20, which is the most common standard for utility tokens. MAS tokens can be received and transferred from any ETH compatible wallet.

Is there any vesting period for MAS token delivery?

Yes. Vesting periods will vary according to the type of recipient. For private and retail investors, a linear vesting period of 24 months will be applicable.

More details about the vesting period schedule can be found in the whitepaper.

When is the IEO taking place?

The IEO will be conducted in the third quarter of 2021.

About MAS

The Marvellous Agency for Support (MAS), is a digital platform that aims to support a class of people, of all types (content creators), and help them achieve more by matching them with potential clients and communicating with their audience.

Who is behind this?

An international team lead by Ibraham Adams who has an experience in the field of crypto currency and economics and dreams to make payment solutions easier and faster.

What’s unique about MAS?

We aim to match web1 features with transparency and decentralization. We also aim to support the most important type of content creators who make us learn and achieve both benefits and fun.


Co-Founder, CTO



Experience in cryptocurrencies since 2013. Blockchain lecturer ,strategic financial specialist in field of blockchain ,business manager .financial control advisor.
Has experience in payment solution applications.
Owner and founder of HADAF academy He worked in the UN and DRC in E-voucher and small business grants projects.

Muh. Almasoud

Co-Founder, CEO




Has been into many projects and has experience listing tokens on exchanges

Mursalin K.

Community manager


Team Behind Platform


Experience on multiple programming languages,i.e., java, c, c++, javascript, NodeJs, Express, Blockcahin, Smart Contract, HTML, CSS, LESS, WordPress

Shubham K.

Chief Blockchain Officer



As I believe, Business Development or Sales has no predefined format but to win the client. And, to win the client the only thing you need to add, is the value proposition to their Business Model.

Rakesh K.

Blockchain/Crypto Consulting
& Business Dev



Founder at Lead Volume,
CCO at Intis telecom and
Former marketing communications at FC Rubin


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